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3 Things To Do In Bradford


Hidden away on the top of a steep Hill above Bingley, this wonderful space is the perfect day out for the whole family. A woodland sculpture trail, a walk round the Coppice Pond searching for bat boxes, feeding the ducks and adventures through brightly coloured Rhododendrons (which are great for dens) are just some of the things to do and explore here. Take a walk through the woodland and try and spot the hidden wooden sculptures along the way. Try and make a den using sticks and branches lying around perfect for leaning up against each other to create a wigwam or tipee style forest home. Easy to get to and with a fabulously designed play park it has something for children of every age, even the adults! With three car park areas to enable you to get to each section of the estate it makes for easy access with wheelchairs and buggies. A small cafe for picking up refreshments and a lovely picnic area hidden away in the woods. A real recommendation to get children exploring nature through play with lots to look out for along the way.

Entry is free!

The 616 bus travels from Bradford Interchange and stops by the entrance of the St.Ives Estate and there are several free car parks.

What you can do

  • Encourage you child to look out for different types of wildlife
  • Look at different leaf shapes and plant life
  • Take food for those ducks!
  • Explore the woods and get your child to use their imagination

What your child can do

  • Make a den in the rhododendrons
  • Feed the ducks!
  • Buy an ice-cream in the cafe as a treat
  • Splash in puddles
  • Zoom down the slide and practice climbing skills



A gem of a place, down in the Aire Valley, Saltaire offers wonderful play spaces, woodland and canal side walks and as much coffee and cake as you can manage! Easy to get to on the train/bus from Bradford/Frizinghall there is much to explore. Visit the Mill and look at wonderful work by the Bradford artist David Hockney, children will love the bright colours and unusual shapes he uses. Visit the bookshop on the third floor where you are welcome to sit and read with little ones. Robert’s Park, reached by bridges across the canal and the River Aire, offers fabulous playground facilities including a skate park and a brilliant safe circuit for bike riding (feed the ducks on the way!). A short walk along the canal, easy for buggies and wheel chairs, leads to Hirst Wood which is definitely worth exploring. Logs to play on, trees to hide behind and squirrels to chase. Walk along the canal in the other direction towards Shipley and follow the sculpture trail, can you find the green octopus? For something different during Spring-Summer weekends take the tramway from Lower Coach Road Baildon up to Shipley Glen. Last but not least, Saltaire hosts a huge number of family friendly cafes including the reasonably priced Half Moon Cafe that sits in the centre of Robert’s Park. Perfect for tired feet and hungry children!

Bus route 662 travels from Bradford City straight through to Saltaire.

Tram fairs range from £1-£2 per adult, Under 5’s are free!

What you can do

  • Talk to your child about the art work in the mill, look at the colours and shapes, what do they remind you of?
  • Read a book or two together in the book shop.
  • Race around Roberts Park and take bikes and scooters.
  • Take a bag to collect things in on the trail in Hirst Woods. Use these at home to create a nature picture.

What your child can do

  • Count the steps in the mill, there are quite a few!
  • Practice cycling in the park.
  • Enjoy bouncing on the trampoline in the playground and attempt the obstacle course.
  • Explore Hirst wood and collect interesting things like funny shaped sticks, acorns or beautiful leaves.

East Riddlesden Hall

Bradford’s best hidden secret! Step back in time to when rich people slept in four poster beds, children played with spinning tops and servants slept with the animals in the old barn. An easy bus ride out of Manningham leads you to the gates of this beautiful old house. Feed the ducks that live by the Lake and explore the old barn. What strange things can you find? Easy access for buggies and wheelchairs and with a superb easy circular walk along the river, makes it a perfect visit for families. A wonderful cafe and playground area make it a relaxing visit for parents and a secret fairy trail leading to an exciting Discovery Garden make it an adventure for the kids. With opportunities for mud pie making in the outdoor kitchen, dressing up as children from the past or as garden bugs it’s a busy fun-packed day. The staff in the house love telling stories about the people who once lived there and you can discover some surprising tales hidden in the walls of this exciting Hall.

Entry price for a family of two adults and up to 4 children £20.40, Under 5’s go free!

662 bus route travels from Bradford directly to East Riddlesden Hall. Free Parking at the Hall

What you can do

  • Take your child to find the bee hives and the sheep.
  • Walk along the river and look out for special birds such as kingfishers!
  • Explore the wild garden and search for hidden surprises such as the Discovery Garden.
  • Look in the Hall and find old things together, what might they have been used for? How is this house and the things in it different from nowadays?

What your child can do

  • Play in the maze in the lower field and run around in the adventure playground.
  • Make mud pies and look for worms.
  • Dress up as a ladybird or like a child from the past
  • Make a den in the Discovery Garden.