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Key Person Approach

A guide to the key person approach

What is the key person Approach?

The key person Approach is one of the vital principals in the Early Years Foundation Stage and now a statutory requirement of the framework.  It is a reciprocal relationship between a member of staff, individual child and their family.  It provides the child with a sense of security so that they feel confident to explore their world and form further relationships.

Every child deserves to be special to someone and the key person approach recognises this.

What is the role of the key person?

The role of the key person is to know their individual child and to support their sense of identity and individuality.  They need to be aware of their individual child’s and family’s needs, preferences and development.

The key person will usually be the person who welcomes the child and carer to the nursery and helps to settle the child into the session.  They would also be the main person providing the child’s intimate care such as nappy changing, putting to sleep and physical closeness.  Any information shared with the parents is also done mainly through the key person.