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Making The Difference

At Midland Road we want to support parents and families at every opportunity to be involved with their children’s learning. We work in close partnership with other agencies in order to ensure that parents get the support they need.  It is hoped that by offering support where needed, carers and families can be helped in developing their skills and confidence in supporting their children. The most important lesson is that being involved in your child’s learning does not mean doing something special or different. It is often about talking with your child about day to day events – shopping, cooking , cleaning and taking walks in the local park.  It is also important that you take the time to understand and support your children’s interest. Every child is unique and your child will benefit from your interest.

Attending groups is a great way of meeting other parents, carers and families and sharing experiences and possibly opening up new avenues of thought and expectation.

It is important that there are good links between home and school and that children know their parents take an interest in what they are learning and experiencing.  Parents can find out about what children are doing by talking to staff, by reading newsletters, attending meetings, courses etc.

Parental involvement with children from an early age has been found to lead to better outcomes for children in all areas of development but especially in intellectual development. What parents actually do with children, the experiences they share with them, is much more important than parental occupation, education or income.

At Midland Road we hope to help make the difference that only parent’s can make.

For support with parenting at any time please contact us on 01274 546492.