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Coronavirus Update

March 17, 2020

17th March 2020
Dear Parents & Carers


Further to our letter last week we are writing to provide you with an update on the latest government advice about the coronavirus. In light of the advice given out yesterday we will remain open. We have no plans to close unless staff absences result in problems running the school or we are directed to do so by the Local Authority.

In the meantime we will open as usual and children should attend as they usually do for their sessions.

If your child starts to become unwell with a high temperature or cough please keep them off school for 14 days. If you, or someone in your household develops a high temperature or cough please ensure the entire household self-isolates for a period of 14 days and do not bring your child to school.

If you pay childcare fees and you are keeping your child off due to them having symptoms you will not be charged fees for a period of 14 days from the first day of absence. After this period, fees will be charged in the usual way.
If you pay childcare fees and your child is not attending due to the entire household self-isolating you will not be charged childcare fees for a period of 14 days from the first day of your child’s absence from school. After this period fees will be charged in the usual way.

In the event that the school is unable to operate or the Local Authority closes the school for a period of time you will not be charged for childcare fees in accordance with our charging policy.

During the Easter holidays Midland Road will remain open for fee paying parents. Sharon and Rahima will be running the childcare provision during the first week of the holiday and Saiqa will be here for the second week.

We have no plans to close during the Easter period unless instructed to do so by the government or Local Authority.
During periods of absence due to coronavirus we will keep in touch with you by phone. We will contact you on a weekly basis and provide information for you about activities you can do with your child at home that will support their learning and development.

If your child, or a member of the household has underlying medical conditions and you would like to discuss your child’s attendance at school please do not hesitate to call and speak to Ginny.

We will continue to ask all children to wash their hands as soon as they have taken their coat off when you enter the classroom. This will help to reduce the possibility of infection coming in from outside surfaces. It is important that not only do children wash their hands, but that they do this with plenty of soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. We have a washing hands song sheet available for you to use as you help your child to wash their hands. You can find these in the entrance area of school.

We have also posted a washing hands video on our facebook page.

We will continue to ensure that the school is cleaned thoroughly each day. We have increased the cleaning of high contact surfaces, including door handles, taps and children’s toys.
We will provide you with updates as and when guidance changes. Please look out for updates on our
facebook page. We will also send out text messages to keep you informed. Please ensure that we have your
most up to date mobile number if you have recently changed your contact details.

We really appreciate your support with these measures and know that you will do everything you can to
support the school at this time. Please rest assured that keeping your children safe is our top priority.

Yours sincerely,
Ginny Robinson
Acting Headteacher