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Midland Road Nursery School and Children’s Centre is one of seven nursery schools in the Bradford District and 41 Children's Centres.

We are situated off Thorncliffe Road, Manningham, near Valley Parade Football Ground.  The building is over 70 years old and was originally used as an infant school, it became a Nursery School nearly 30 years ago and was designated a Children's Centre in May 2007. We now work as a fully integrated Nursery School and Children's Centre and provide a range of services for young children and their families.

As a Nursery School we have 5 Nursery Rooms all of which have access to outdoor play. Our children come from both the immediately local communities  and from further afield (nursery schools do not have catchment areas).  We are a multi-ethnic nursery.

We offer free nursery education provision for 15 hours for children aged 3-5 during school terms and 15 hours for children from 2-3years who meet the Local Authorities eligibility criteria

We have extended provision for babies from 6 weeks old available for 51 weeks of the year. There is a charge for this provision. We also offer wraparound provision for 2 & 3 year olds who have a Nursery Education place.

For many children, coming to nursery is their first experience of being away from home and family.  Our first priority is to help them feel happy and secure in this new environment, relate confidently to adults and work and play with other children. The many play activities offered in nursery promote children’s physical, emotional, spiritual, moral, language and intellectual development and lay the foundations for later learning in maths, science, technology, social studies and the arts.

The nursery curriculum follows the Department for Education Early Years Foundation Stage for children from birth until the end of Reception class in Primary School.

As a Children's Centre we provide support for parents to help access:

  • health services for children and their parents
  • integrated childcare & early education
  • information and advice about children's services, parenting support and a range of family support services
  • training and advice so that parents are helped to gain skills and find work

We provide a range of universal services for families who live in our reach area (see map below) and targeted services for these families most in need.

We welcome suggestions and ideas from parents and the Community to further develop our Centre services.

Reach Map
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phone number 01274 546492

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